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Judge Candace C. Crouse was elected to the First District Court of Appeals in November 2018 and took the bench on February 11, 2019. She was chosen by her colleagues to be the court’s Presiding Judge for 2023.

Since taking the bench, Judge Crouse has worked tirelessly to make good on her campaign promises to improve the court’s transparency, efficiency, and accessibility. These improvements include eliminating the court’s case backlog to ensure the timely resolution of cases, installing cameras in the courtroom so that oral arguments can be viewed online, and amending some of the court’s outdated and cumbersome local rules She also oversaw the redesigning of the court’s website to make it easier for the public to navigate, and to include more helpful content, like a pro se litigant guide.

Judge Crouse works to ensure that every litigant in the First District Court of Appeals experiences a fair, just, and impartial process. She is known for her diligent preparation and thoughtful, well-reasoned decisions.

Judge Crouse has served as an Adjunct Professor of Law and a Trial Team Coach at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She is often invited to give Continuing Legal Education presentations to bar associations and legal groups.

Because her legal career has exemplified the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness, she was appointed by the Ohio Supreme Court to serve a second three-year term on The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct, which works to ensure that lawyers and judges meet the state’s required professionalism standards. The Board’s many duties include issuing ethics advisory opinions and adjudicating formal complaints of misconduct against lawyers and judges and recommending sanctions to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Due to her extensive trial and appellate experience, Judge Crouse was invited to be a member of The Ohio Judicial Conference Jury Instructions Committee, which drafts jury instructions for newly enacted legislation and updates existing instructions as needed and required by intervening legal opinions.

Our courts must live up to the high expectations people have of them. Judge Crouse asks for your support in helping her continue to do just that!

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